Thursday, June 16, 2011

First entry!!

OK! So, I finally decided to try my hand at blogging. I figured, I'm interested in a vast array of topics and I often have very strong opinions on these why not write about them?! Basically, my main goal for this blog is to discuss naturally curly hair and how to care for it as well as the multi-racial experience ( growing up, interracial dating etc.,) among other things. Don't be surprised if on occasion you find some political, music related or theist ( or should I say Atheist) topics thrown in for good measure.

A little bit about me...

I am a happily married, 37 year old,  multi-ethnic, MGM ( multigenerational mulatto!). I have African American, Scottish & Saponi/Occoneechee Indian ancestry. My relatives are TRULY a rainbow, lol! We represent every shade -  from the fairest, blue -eyed ,blonde-haired types, to our beautifully chocolate cousins. My family is originally from the southwest Virginia area but my brothers and I were raised in the NYC tri-state area once our parents relocated there in the early 1960's.

I'll try to post as often as I can but do keep in mind that I am currently studying to take my LPN -Nclex boards to get my nursing license next month, so bare with me!!